UBICUBE stereo

The cube shaped stereo power amp, represents a unique expression of aesthetics and sound performance traits for those seeking something truly extraordinary in every possible regard. The technology for it was downsized from its bigger brothers, but the sound was by no means downsized. Ubicube is also based on the same VCCF core topology with a unique Voltage Controlled Current Feedback design. The Ubicube is configured in dual-mono and offers 100W/8 oHms and 200W/4 oHms. It uses a 2 kW switching power supply and and a capacitor bank of 190,000 micro Farad Mundorf capacitance bank. Here, less power doesn`t mean less quality. Every bit of performance was preserved, the amp is just less SPL "aspirational".
“With ubicube, I repeatedly encounter more lucid, luminous reproduction of familiar favorite and reference music. “ Mono & Stereo