UBIQUITOUS Floor standing

Ubiquitous reflects our understanding of what constitutes a thoughtful loudspeaker construction that is aiming to recreate the natural tonal qualities and harmonic content of actual musical instruments and voices. Since every diaphragm material alters the original sonic character to some extent, we looked for those that would cause the least alteration, and would come the closest to the original instrument/voice timbre.
Accordingly, we had to reject all metal/ceramic/hard materials, because, to our ears, they marked the biggest deviation from the original sound of the instruments and voices. The extremely hard and stiff diaphragms are also notorious for very strong breakup modes, that are difficult to control and demand complex crossover networks that have a devastating effect on the micro/macro dynamics response, soundstage size, and, most notably, the tone/timbre of instruments and voices. Since, currently, the "perfect" cone material does not exist, we had to use the one that has undergone the longest continual improvement period (over a century) and simply does the least damage to the music: paper pulp.
For the high frequency range, the air motion principle seemed to provide a similar set of desired attributes, but for this, specific spectrum.
Our speaker enclosures are very rigid, with strategic reinforcements and damping techniques, to provide an excellent basis for all drivers to perform their work undisturbed by any destructive effects.
The end result is a speaker that reproduces even the most demanding musical passages with ease and unhindered dynamism.

Ubiquitous technical details

- Mundorf Pro air motion transformer tweeter for the greatest possible transparency and dynamic abilities
- Scanspeak Ellipticor paper cones for mid and lower mid range for the most natural tone and resolution
- Scanspeak Classic woofers working in sealed enclosures for the fastest and most neutral bass presentation
- first order electrical crossovers to ensure a homogeneous blend between drivers and maximum dynamic responsiveness
- optimally damped and extremely rigid and resonance free enclosures, which ensure the best conditions for all drivers across the whole working range

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