The true magic of music recreation!

The 35 year long quest of two passionate engineers and music lovers, Igor Kante and Andrej Lakner, has finally come to fruition with the creation of a highly original line of state-of-the-art amplification and speaker systems that are bound to stir the audio community at its core.
When the only prerequisite in designing the audio devices is to not let oneself be limited by any financial and material restrictions, then the end result can be breathtaking...provided there is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience on hand - which is absolutely the case here.
None of our products were developed overnight, but rather after years of painstaking shaping up and refining of our circuits. In doing this we aimed for the uppermost possible recreation of the original musical event. Explosive dynamics, staggering transparency and resolution are the end result.
Ubiqaudiolab provides the antidote to the sleepy and nice high end audio approach. It`s where all our cherished musical events, preserved on various media types, spring to life. Immediacy and vibrant energy transfer touch the listener in a most direct and compelling way.


Visually, our products are true and striking statements of our aesthetic vision, be it on the outside or on the inside. Our no holds barred approach speaks volumes in terms of music reproduction quality, but all this was possible only by maintaining a perfectionist stance in designing the original and optimized inner circuit layouts, using the highest quality building blocks, as well as paying the utmost attention to every, even the most minuscule, detail. If cost-no-object is your thing then you`ve come to the right place.


One of the secrets to sonic bliss is finding components that are able to bring an organic quality to music reproduction. In a given circuit we had to try and audition numerous components of the highest quality to be able to set on the final selection.
The whole process took years of testing and stressing of our devices, just to make sure the circuits are stable and reliable in the long run.

The Music Lover

Our customers take immense pride and satisfaction in not only owning our technical pearls, but also in being fully aware that the resultant sonic performance will bring them incredibly close to the heart of every conserved musical event from their invaluable musical collections.
We truly believe our work honors musical legends - it is our raison d'être


For years we`ve been lucky to enjoy the company and motivational hints from a true legend of the Slovenian high end audio scene: Mr. Igor Akrapovič
Mr. Akrapovič is renowned world wide as the driving force behind the Akrapovič - World Championship-Winning Exhaust System Technology, but he also happens to be a true music lover, and an audiophile with an exquisite taste in SOTA high end audio devices.
It was he who enabled us to compare, side-by-side, our work against all of those products produced by the most established, world prominent audio manufacturers. His comments and advice were strong motivational factors in our thinking. Only by comparing with the best, could we get a sense of our place in the high end audio universe. For that we are deeply grateful to him.