The UBICUBE mono amplifier is based on the essence of the UBIQUITOUS mono extreme but has been further optimized to perfectly drive even the most demanding, highly efficient, and state-of-the-art speakers. The is all about purism and minimalism.

The circuits have been inspired by the best topologies from the past, extensively tested, and tried down to the smallest detail. ubiqaudiolab has not stopped there.

The heart of UBICUBE amplifier has been carefully refined through numerous iterations over the years to find the needed equilibrium and balance with the less sensitive speakers.

No stone was unturned when it came to properly tuning and optimizing the circuits, both through extensive listening tests and by using Audio Precision lab-grade and industry standard measurement systems at every step of the way.

This allowed us to develop a lifelike amplifier with the modules at the size of the credit card, that doesn’t cut corners and doesn’t fall into the realm of subjectivity. We strived for perfection and achieved it through extensive research and development.

The UBIQUITOUS mono implements proprietary VCCF modules and delivers a healthy and well balanced 200 W into 8 ohms.

Voltage Controlled Current Feedback is a marvel of electronics, an ultra-refined approach with the shortest possible signal paths that works seamlessly with matching, highly advanced power supply.

All these exquisite technologies not only deliver the required power at all times with the reproduction of the most sophisticated music such as orchestral compositions or complex electronic music. It also captures the listener’s attention immediately and reproduces the music without a hint of fatigue.

  • uniqe VCCF (Voltage Controlled Current Feedback) topology design
  • DC coupled, fully symmetrical ballanced J-FET class-A input stage
  • thermal memory distortion cancellation by constant power dissipation on gain stages
  • high bias current class-AB output stage
  • in-house manually matched lateral mosfet power transistors within 1% tolerance
  • very large energy storage, high quality Mundorf electrolytic capacitor bank (0,2 F)
  • Jupiter copper foil paper-wax decoupling capacitors for greater audio resolution
  • 3 kW switch mode power supply followed by solid-state soft start circuitry
  • high current common-mode/differential power supply EMI filters
  • fully solid-state relay, non-intrusive, multi function MCU controlled protection circuitry
  • high quality printed circuit boards with 140 um ultra thick copper layers
  • convenient AC mains input phase polarity check
  • trigger in-out wired connections
  • customized Mundorf high current copper speaker output binding-posts
  • Furutech 16A high grade AC inlet
  • custom designed decoupled feet
  • voltage gain: +27,75 dB (x24,40)
  • differential input impedance: 167 kOhm
  • total harmonic distortion + noise ratio at 10 W on 8 Ohm load: -112 dB
  • small signal transient response, rise time and fall time: 160 ns (symmetrical)
  • small signal bandwidth: DC to 2 MHz (-3 dB)
  • full power bandwidth: DC to 100 kHz (-3 dB)
  • total harmonic distortion: 0,1 % (at rated output)
  • output impedance: 0,0018 Ohm
  • class-A output power: 5 W on 8 Ohm load
  • class-AB output power: 200 W on 8 Ohm load (at 230 V AC mains voltage)
  • dimensions: 270 x 270 x 270 mm (W x H x D)
  • weight: 30 kg (net)